Kite Emollient - Daily Use Insect Repulsion Lotion 2-pack


Trademark lemon-grass scent Ento-Science formulation is infused with antioxidant-rich, aromatic emollients.

Our Daily Use Lotion is specifically   Engineered for Protection Against Nuisance Pests,  and is safe for daily-use!

Free from toxic-Deet based ingredients. O ur revolutionary sensory array and receptor blocking technology is infused with the highest-quality emollients and moisturizers. You can also use the Emollient as a standalone lotion for daily use.

For maximum protection from biting insects, we recommend you combine it with our DEET-free Kite Shield repellent product when you explore the wonderful outdoors!


Quantity: 2 Bottles
Net-Contents: 4fl. oz.
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2
Dermatologist tested safe
Includes: Hydration emollients, Lemon-grass infused fragrance, optimized patent-pending Kite formulation.
Made in the USA - KEM 0012.0

Why Kite?

Kite Entomology Laboratories research is grounded in our new E nto-Science Technology. We DO NOT use any dangerous herbicides, pesticides or insecticides of any kind.  We   control the smell neurons of biting nuisance-pests, like mosquitos and biting flies, and engineer safe and environmentally conscious products that are not harmful to humans or the pets people spend their lives with. We have rigorous internal evaluations and third-party independent testing performed by Carroll-Loye Biological Research, the third-largest testing laboratory in the United States.

Kite Entomology Laboratories products are clinically proven effective, safe for humans, infants, pets and agriculture. We are on mission to allow people around the world to #livefearlessly.