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Kite Shield FAQS

Does Kite Shield include DEET?

What's Harsh About DEET?

What Kind of Insects Does Kite Repel?

How Often Do I Need To Re-Apply?

How Long Does Kite Shield Last?

What Are The Ingredients in Kite Shield?

Can I Use Kite Shield While I'm Pregnant?

Can I Use Kite Shield On My Toddler?

Can I Use Kite Shield On My Pets?

Can I Spray Kite Shield On My Clothing?

How Long Will Kite Shield Be Good For?

Can I Use Kite Shield If I'm Asthmatic or Have Other Medical Conditions?

Is Kite Shield Approved by the EPA?

How Does Kite Shield's Formula Repel Mosquitoes?

Does Kite Shield Work Against Midges or Other Biting Flies?

Does Kite Work With Any Non-Profit Organizations?

The Types of Mosquitoes Tested Against are Very Specific. Would the Product Be Expected to Repel All Types of Culex as Effectively as the Culex Quinquefasciatus, and So On With the Other Types As Well? Or Only The Very Specific Types Listed?

Is Kite Shield Table For an Indefinite Period of Time?

Is Kite Shield Waterproof or Sweat-Proof?